Home value estimates at your fingertips

It’s not unusual for people to ask me: “What do you think my home would sell for?” I’m not talking about clients, who are getting ready to sell their homes. Sure, they want to know, but I get this question all the time from friends, from acquaintances, from relatives who don’t even live in the Indy area.

 People want to know whether their home value is going up or down. They also want to know the value of homes owned by neighbors, friends, a boss, an ex-spouse.

 Getting an estimate to those home values is a whole lot easier thanks to a new program I have thanks to a partnership between FC Tucker and Buyside.

 When you click on this link and enter an address, you’ll get three estimates of the home’s value. Plus, you’ll get all kinds of data on how many buyers may be out there right now looking for homes in your price range in your neighborhood. I’ve tested it out, and there are more than 90 buyers looking at houses in my price range (kind of makes me want to think about selling and moving to a warmer climate).

 Please heed this warning: These are just estimates based on different factors, such as tax records, recent sales in the area and other public data that’s crunched to come up with an estimate. This does not take into account the $30,000 kitchen remodel you may have done, for example. It’s possible tax records don’t have your accurate square footage or even the correct number of bedrooms. So, consider this a ballpark figure.

 If you really want an accurate market analysis, then you need to let me know, and I’ll do a much deeper dive into the facts and figures.

 If you’re in to stats and charts, you’ll want to sign up for the monthly report, which will give up updated information about the estimate of what your home is worth, and it will give you details about buyer’s habits. You’ll be able to see housing trends.

 You also can update information about your home to help improve the accuracy of the estimate. It’s a fun tool that gives you (and me) lots more data to help sellers and buyers understand the market. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

 Of course, of you’d rather just ask me what’s going on, feel free. I never get tired of talking about, showing or selling houses.

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