1 Minute in Hamilton County: Blue Peppermint Boutique

Tucked away off 116th Street just west of Interstate 69, Blue Peppermint is making a name for itself as a go-to spot for women’s fashion. The boutique doesn’t cater to any one age group or style. Racks in the two rooms of the shop are filled with sassy T-shirts, comfy, oversized sweaters, and trendy off-the-shoulder dresses. Owner Jessica Landez, the mother of two teens, loves that it’s a shop where mother and daughters can shop together and both find things they love.

There’s boho. There’s business-casual. There’s weekend comfort and more.

Even better, most clothing items are in the $30 to $60 price range. It’s no wonder Indianapolis Monthly named it one of Indy’s best new shops in 2016.

Landez tip-toed into the fashion scene, first renting space to sell clothing inside a Fishers home decor store. She quickly realized she was on to something. Women in Fishers want a place to go locally where they can find stylish clothes and accessories and maybe pick up a gift, without having to go to the mall or big department store. So, she took the plunge and leased a small house off 116th Street just west of I69 (it’s behind the Wendy’s west of Fishers Gateway Shop). A lot of people discover the store on their way to the Starbucks drive-through, Landez said.

The walls are painted light blue, hardwood floors are covered with cowhide rugs, and there are clothing items, accessories (Kinsley Armelle bracelets, for example), candles and even sneakers.

So, where does the name Blue Peppermint come from? Well, it’s a fluke really.

“It was literally picked out of frustration,” Landez said. “It works…luckily, I could find blue peppermints, it (the name) was available, and that’s how it got started.”

A bowl of blue peppermints sits on the store counter. Ironically, though, the exterior of the store is green. If Landez had her way, she’d paint it blue, but that’s a decision for her landlord. Instead, Landez focus is growing her business to meet the needs of customers. It's why she started a delivery service in Fishers. Learn more at shopbluepeppermint.com