1 Minute in Hamilton County: Bill Wrin, beekeeper

You’d never know there are some 20,000 bees zipping in and out of Bill Wrin’s suburban backyard. In beekeeper terms, that’s just a good start. Bill is fascinated by all there is to learn from bees. The way the bees have a flight pattern in and out of the two boxes he constructed in the wooded area of the family’s backyard. When I visited Bill and his bees, I didn’t realize we were going to talk right by the bees. Bill points out the tiny pieces of nectar the bees bring as they land near the quarter-size hole that allows them to enter the colony to see the queen. They have to get past the guard bees first. Not just any bee is allowed in. The guard bees also make sure a yellow jacket or wasp doesn’t try to enter either. Bill and his wife Melissa use honey for baking, they give it away as gift, make lip balm and bee wax wraps. Check out my interview with Bill and learn more about bees.